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Lose Weight – Gain these 25 Benefits


Losing weight requires effort. Getting rid of those love handles and the stubborn fat in the gut takes time. You have to jog, walk, skip, run, do aerobics, lift weights, and follow a healthy diet. In the end, it’s all worth it. Do you really know how worthwhile it is to actually lose weight?

Let’s see. There are 25 known benefits of weight loss.

  1. Losing even 5% weight can bring down the risk of sleep apnea and snoring. You sleep longer and enjoy undisturbed sleep after losing weight. Waking up fresh means having the energy to go through the day with zest.
  2. Weight loss leads to hormonal stability. The thyroid gland is able to regulate metabolism like it should. Muscle strength improves because of proper hormone release. Healthy hormonal activity further helps in weight loss.
  3. Put the zing back into your love life. You’ll have energy left at the end of the day to experience a healthy sex life. Endorphins released during exercise are mood enhancers. Weight loss raises testosterone levels. Even a 5kg weight loss increases the levels of sex hormones in the body. Exercise increases the flow of blood to the pelvic area, thereby increasing libido.
  4. Feel positive throughout the day. When you work out, you feel happy and upbeat, in general. This happens because of endorphins. These receptors mitigate perception of pain, not unlike morphine and contribute to a feeling of well-being.
  5. One of the biggest benefits of working out is that it alleviates joint pain. When this happens, it reduces your dependence on painkillers. Weight loss helps the joints by reducing the load they have to bear in executing day-to-day activities. Simply put, the joints have to bear less weight.
  6. Wash your face regularly after a cardio session and over time, you’ll see that your skin has taken on a glowing tone. When you sweat during exercise, the process cleanses the pores of the skin. The nutritious and healthy fruits and greens provide vitamins and proteins for wrinkle-free and elastic skin.
  7. Working out to lose weight, achieving success in the endeavor, and eating healthy are great contributors to busting stress. Follow a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to stress and anxiety.
  8. Weight loss helps you save money. You save money that you’d otherwise spend on junk food and then trying to balance it with purchasing nutritional drinks. When you cook at home, you save.
  9. Your social life gets an uplift. People regain confidence to interact with others. You pick up the threads of an active outdoor life. Meeting new people is no longer to be dreaded. You discover there’s more to life than curling up on the couch for movie marathons.
  10. You motivate others in the family to lose weight. Just as bad habits and an unhealthy diet can spread in the family, so can healthy habits. Your diligence at waking up early to exercise and following a healthy diet can inspire your wife, husband, parents, friends to follow your lead. Everybody enjoys the benefits of weight loss.
  11. Vitamin C drinks may or may not work for protecting you against colds, but working out does. It strengthens immunity. Get enough sleep and eat fresh produce. Flu and cold will stay away.
  12. Research shows that memory improves after weight loss. The benefits of losing those inches extend beyond the visible physical improvements. Mental acuity improves.
  13. You have more options with the clothes to wear. You look good when you see yourself in the mirror and you feel good as well. All those trousers and skirts that you had stashed away because you could not bring yourself to give them away…you’ll be able to wear those again.
  14. You will no longer crave junk food. After having exercised your willpower and saying no to beer and wings for some time, you’ll find that declining that extra helping of ice cream is not difficult at all.
  15. Cooking healthy food at home will bring out the inner cook. You’ll discover latent talents and become self-dependent in the process. It’s an involved process. You will have to purchase groceries, learn about healthy foods, and the right portion sizes. You experiment with recipes. Your taste buds will no longer be slave to the flavors of fast foods and monosodium glutamate.
  16. Your taste buds will begin to discern subtle tastes. Once the assault by heavily flavored and artificially colored foods ceases, your tongue will begin to appreciate tastes and textures of good food. You will enjoy the tastes, flavors, and fragrance of fresh produce.
  17. When you lose the flab, your health reports will return better results. It’s natural. The body is stressed less because of the additional fat, the clogged arteries, and the damaging fast food. Weight loss reduces the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions.
  18. It’s a fair assumption to make that when you gain health, your dependence on medication reduces. With weight loss, your joints are relieved of stress, your blood pressure may return to normal, you may not need anti-depressants…basically, you may find yourself off prescription medications for good.
  19. Weight loss requires discipline and commitment. You will perforce become more organized in the things you do. Your daily workouts, running shoes, schedules, nutrition, cooking, rest, and everything else will have to fit in the time available.
  20. You will learn to respect your body and heed its signals. When people achieve something after an effort, they learn to appreciate the work it takes to attain worthwhile results. It opens your eyes to hard work made by others.
  21. You’ll add years to your life. You know it. Fit individuals live longer that couch surfers. When you move around instead of lounging on a sofa, you’re more liable to get things done, burn calories, and stay away from junk food.



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