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Gynecologists’ Tips to Treat Menstrual Cramps


Dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps, can occur before or during menstruation. These cramps are most keenly felt in the lower abdomen or back. Here are some tried and tested methods actually used by gynecologists to treat period pain.

If you’re given to experiencing painful menstrual cramps then you may want to maintain an exercise schedule. Not only does exercise keep you healthy, you will benefit from the pain-killing endorphins that are released when you workout. Brisk walking or any kind of physical activity during periods can alleviate the pain.


Heat is an age-old remedy for pain, and it works to soothe the contracting uterine muscles that are causing you pain. The good old hot-water bottle is your ally. Heating pads are another alternative.


Consuming foods with naturally anti-inflammatory properties is a good idea. Chamomile tea has been shown to increase the levels of hippurate, a chemical that combats inflammation. Incorporating curcumin in your diet may also help.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps mitigate the severity of period cramps. Supplements and getting sufficient sunshine are two ways to ensure that your body gets enough of this vitamin.


Just as exercise helps pump more blood to the uterus and relax it, so does having sex. An orgasm has pain-relieving properties, courtesy of the endorphins released by the brain. The act also helps you sleep better.


Ibuprofen, an analgesic, helps decrease the accumulation of prostaglandin, compounds that contribute to uterine contractions.
Ob-gyns recommend staying away from salts as they contribute to water retention by the body. This exacerbates the symptoms of menstrual cramps.

Leafy Greens

Sugary snacks raise blood sugar levels and cause inflammation. Leafy veggies contain anti-inflammatory compounds and gynecologists make it a point to include these in their diets a couple of days before periods begin and during the menstruation. Dark chocolate is a good choice for those with a sweet tooth. It contains magnesium, which is known to combat inflammation.


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