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Six Easy and Natural Remedies for Stubborn Pain


Nearly 20% of Americans are afflicted by chronic pain. Such persistent pain interferes with the quality of life and makes regular activities difficult. Pain that lasts for longer than three months is termed chronic. Injuries and arthritis are two common causes of chronic pain.

There is no dearth of painkillers available in the market. Yet, many people are steadily moving towards natural pain relief treatments because these are often inexpensive, very effective, and are unaccompanied by side effects.

If you feel buckled down because of chronic pain, you may want to consider these six tested remedies. Try these and stick with what works for you.

  1. Workouts – Maintain aerobic and muscle fitness. It will help you get over chronic pain faster. Exercise results in the body releasing endorphins that help mitigate the pain. Choose exercises that you can do. And progress from there.
  2. Cod liver oil – Fish oil, whether from cod or salmon, is known for reducing swelling and bringing down pain. 1200 mg of fish oil supplements taken for three months has proven to be highly effective in reducing stubborn back and neck pain.
  3. Turmeric – An essential part of Indian cooking, turmeric is the focus of much research because of its anti-inflammatory properties. When taken as a combination with Devil’s Claw and bromelain, turmeric has shown excellent results in treating patients with osteoarthritis.
  4. Red wine – Red wine drinkers from France and Italy have long attracted the attention of researchers. It’s the resveratrol in wine. It offers benefits in fighting cancer and keeping the brain healthy.
  5. Heat – Heat and cold have both served us well since time immemorial as effective treatments for aches and pains. While ice packs help bring down local swellings, hot baths relax the body and mind and regulate the pain signals that the body sends to the brain.
  6. Meditation and deep breathing – These time-honored techniques from the East are now being corroborated by researchers who now attest to their effectiveness in providing pain relief and controlling depression.



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