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Low-cost auto repair that does not burn a hole in your pocket is not difficult to obtain, once you know where to look for it. We went looking and we’ve come up with a list so that you don’t have to do the searching. helps needy families obtain free cars. You can use their Find a Program feature to locate organizations that offer free cars and cheap car repair along with inexpensive auto loans to deserving individuals. For working families, this service means highly useful savings and the ability to commute when required.

You may want to search online for non-profit auto repair shops that offer cheap auto mechanic services at reduced rates. These services operate by cutting down the cost of labor.

Search online for Community Action Agencies in your city. These help with utilities bills, rent, and also assist with car repair costs. The extent of help provided will depend on the funds available.

There are invariably charities, churches, and programs in a county that help needy people. Get in touch with them. Many charities and programs are ethnicity- and race-specific. See if you can benefit from such programs.

Ways to Work is an organization that provides cheap loans to deserving applicants that fall under the low-income group. The loans are for a period not extending 30 months and the interest does not go above 8%. If you reside in an area serviced by them and meet their qualifying norms, then you may consider applying for these.

To qualify, you must be able to prove six months of regular employment or be enrolled in a post-high school study program. You must be an involved parent with dependent children. You must be unable to procure conventional loans. You must be in a position to repay the loan. Your household income must be at 80% or at a lower level than the local median income. Ways to Work loan offices are present in the following 13 states – Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Nebraska, Iowa, Florida, District of Columbia, and California.



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