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5 Great Reasons Why Adopting a Child is a Wonderful Idea

Image: PxlSolutions Media, inc

The decision to adopt a child cannot be taken lightly. It involves entering into a relationship for life and taking responsibility of another individual – a child. If you’re considering adoption, then read on to learn about the five most powerful reasons that make people consider adoption and foster parenting.

  1. The impulse to let a child have a family. It’s an altruistic desire. At the same time it gives the adoptive parents the chance to enjoy parenthood. You wish to bring the child home to an atmosphere of love and care. You want to contribute toward the making of a responsible individual and a family man. You wish that your family traditions be carried forward. For this desire to manifest fruitfully, you must be accepting of the child’s past and not hold the child responsible for any negatives therein.
  2. You want the child to rise above suffering and grief that it may have experienced thus far. These may have happened because of neglect, loneliness, or even abuse. Abandoned and orphaned children need a support system to leave the hardships and pain behind. You want to give the child an opportunity to begin afresh and know that you will be there to guide it through the highs and lows of life.
  3. You have the wherewithal to provide for another child. You have the space in your house and in your heart to welcome a new member into the family. You are sure that you will be able to set aside time for the adopted child.
  4. Every member of your family is eager to bring home a new member, the adopted child. Your own children are perfectly at ease with the idea. When this happens, it becomes easier for all involved to go through the stages of the process – adoption and then adjusting to the new member and being there for one another.
  5. When you are aware that a child needs a family, and you wish to adopt such a child, then that’s a good thing. You’re playing your part of being a conscientious member of society. The child in need of a family could be a relative, an orphan, a friend of your children…or a kid from the locality who needs a support system.


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