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Save on Diabetes Medication with Free Medications as well as Supplies


Diabetes is one of the major medical conditions that afflicts millions of Americans. For many, it is a natural result of obesity, which has already acquired epidemic proportions in America.

It is possible to obtain financial help that can alleviate the burden of medical expenses for diabetes. There are pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profit organizations that provide diabetes medicines for free, and also other related provisions, such as monitoring equipment and insulin pumps. Low income patients and people with little or zero health insurance can benefit from such schemes.

There are pharmaceutical companies as well as non-profits that offer free diabetes medications as well as other needed supplies. The assistance programs focus on low income patients, individuals with limited or no health insurance, and the elderly as well. Not only can a diabetic receive the medication they need for their condition, but other items such as bracelets, testing monitor supplies or insulin pumps may also be available.

Type 2 and Type 1 are the most common diabetes types in America. One-tenth of the American population suffers from diabetes. Seniors and the obese are the most affected. While there are many programs, most are not available to those on Medicaid or Medicare.

Drug companies offering medication for diabetics are located in the U.S and overseas. Diabetes is a life-threatening condition and it is not easy for an individual from a low-income family to pay for prescription drugs and test strips. This is the reason why drug companies offer rebate forms and vouchers to deserving candidates.

Abbot Diabetes Care Division is one of the known pharmaceutical companies that helps diabetics with medications and monitoring devices. They assist patients on Medicaid and Obamacare. Contact 1-800-292-6363 for further information.

There’s yet another company that stresses on equipment like insulin syringes. This is the New Jersey-based Becton Dickinson. Call 1-866-818-6906 to learn more about the program under which syringes can be made available either at reduced cost or even completely free.

Eli Lilly offers insulin products and emergency kits free of cost. Medicines offered by this company include Glucagon, Humalog, Humulin, Trulicity, Basaglar, and others. Call 1-855-559-8783 to learn more.

GlaxoSmithKline runs a program called Bridge to Access. It enables impoverished families to avail Avandia, a drug for Type 2 diabetes. Rezulin is another drug produced by this company and is available through this program. Call 1-866-728-4368.

If you need help in paying for JANUVIA, then apply for the Merck patient Assistance Program. The company helps with a pill for Type 2 diabetes. Families below federal government poverty levels can call 1-800-727-5400.


Help at Hand is an initiative by Takeda and it offers free or cheap diabetes medicines. Call 1-800-830-9159. Medicines provided by this company include Nesina and Oseni.

Non-profits and the government too provide assistance to patients. The resources here are few and the demand is high. These resources will often only accept those applicants who’ve exhausted other options.

In order to apply, you may have to furnish proof of income, current status of insurance, and prescriptions. You may be given a voucher or a referral.

With some organizations, such as RX Hope, you may be required to make a small co-payment.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance is an organization providing information on resources offering free prescription medicines to people without insurance and Medicaid.

NeedyMeds is a good source of information and maintains a helpline. Call 1-800-503-6897.

Rx Assist maintains a searchable database with information on free medical care and supplies for diabetics.

The federal government run Medicare Part B, primarily for seniors, handicapped, and minors can help with the cost of some diabetes supplies.

Government health insurance can be of great help in covering the costs of many different supplies and medications related to diabetes, such as lancet devices, blood sugar monitors, insulin, syringes, medical equipment, etc.



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