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When Illness in the Family Strikes – These Funding Sources Will Help You Make it


When an illness in the family happens, it places all earning members under financial stress. Rent, credit card bills, mortgage payments, groceries, school fees, and gas are the important expenses that must be provided for.

If a medical situation takes time, or even if it is an acute case rather than chronic, a family’s savings can soon get depleted. Research shows than more than six out of ten Americans do not have $1,000 handy to deal with a contingency.

This article lists resources that can help your family when you really need emergency monetary help.

One way that continues to work for Americans is the good old fundraiser. A straightforward appeal can generate funds for you. You can do so online on social media or through word of mouth. The advantage with crowdfunding is that you won’t have to wait for months to find out if you have fulfilled the stringent requirements of organizations and charities that offer financial help.

Compare crowdfunding programs before you commit to any platform. Choose one that gives you the maximum money in the shortest time.

People who haven’t saved often end up in debt, and if you cannot resolve the debt in time then your financial condition will weaken further. This will also have a negative effect on your credit score.

If your family is faced with a financial crunch, you must deal with the situation with a calm head.

If an illness strains your present budget, then you need to relook it and rearrange your priorities so that these reflect the present situation. You will have to cut expenses. These cuts will add up and deliver relief. By stopping superfluous expenses, you save. Use the money for food, clothing, shelter, and expenses that you deem non-negotiable. Here too, you can skimp and economize by compromising a little on quality and purchasing from discount stores. If there are any payments that can be pushed forward, then do so. It will improve cash flow for the immediate future.

Talk to people who have experienced such situations. Their advice may give you ideas. They can also direct you to resources for help.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The TANF is operated by state governments. The grants are provided by the federal government. The eligibility requirements for this welfare program vary with the state. Upon application, you will be informed about the services that you can avail. These can include housing, food, health, childcare, and others.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP helps low income families with meeting home heating and cooling costs. The organization is doing good work in actually bringing down the number of Americans that suffer acute discomfort in summer because of the heat and in winter because of the extreme cold. If a cheap repair of your existing heating and cooling system can bring down energy bills then LIHEAP will foot the bill for repairs done.

State Housing Finance Agency

Your state’s housing finance agency may be able to help you with contingency rent expenses. The nature of support varies with the state as do qualifying guidelines. You can receive help with down payments for a new property or with the mortgages so that you don’t lose your home.


Modest Needs is one of the many nonprofits that can offer short-term financial help to families that are facing tough times financially. It works with families that are dependent purely on what they earn, have little savings, and are not eligible for regular social assistance schemes.

HealthWell Foundation helps deserving individuals with paying health insurance premiums and deductibles too. Your earnings, medical status, and health insurance cover determine your eligibility.

Free Gas USA helps families and individuals with their transportation requirements by issuing gasoline-buying grants of up to $1,200. This grant is a great relief for families that are struggling with rising gas costs and finding it difficult to commute to work, school, etc.


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